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'They are inseparable bedfellows in that maladministration is the breeding ground for corruption and corruption itself is a form of gross maladministration.
This can be attributed to various factors, most frustrating and disheartening: state capture, corruption, maladministration and pure nonchalance towards the dire needs of our people.
A complaint for maladministration was upheld into the way they handled a complaint.
The party destroyed all sectors of governance and celebrated corruption and maladministration as a way of life.
"The school's Governing Body has commissioned an independent investigation to look into potential maladministration.
The concept of the ombudsman is to provide free and speedy justice to citizens against maladministration by government functionaries.
He said that if FTO's help is sought against maladministration, it often results in more harassment by the tax officials.
There has maladministration in public and private sectors but few Kenyans have been seeking services from the Ombudsman.
STORMONT has been slated over its handling of late-night flights out of Belfast City Airport with a Government watchdog criticising it for "maladministration".
The ombudsman's job is to investigate cases of maladministration. This means the way in which an organisation has dealt with a situation or reached a decision.
A COMPLAINT of maladministration against Gwynedd Council over its handling of an Abersoch planning application has been thrown out.
Salman Faruqui for Rawalpindi district to investigate the complaints of maladministration filed against federal agencies during his visit to provincial Mohtasib Office has said minimum two hearings in a month would be conducted at each district for the facilitation of the residents of the area.
LAKKI MARWAT -- Federal Ombudsman DI Khan region advisor Ihsanullah Baber has said that a project of speedy complaint resolution had been launched to ensure quick and prompt redressal of citizens' complaints against the maladministration and violation of relevant rules in federal departments and organizations.
The Equitable Life Payment Scheme set up by HM Government has now paid over GBP970m to eligible Equitable Life policyholders who suffered financial losses as a result of maladministration, the HM Treasury revealed on Monday.
The Department for Education annulled Dorrington Academy's summer SATs results in an investigation into maladministration.