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not being what one purports to be

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During the course of the meeting, an FIA official told the subcommittee that while there could have been fraud and there were chances of mala fide intention behind the project, there was no evidence of this in the case files.
or on account of the fact that the appointing authority lacked the authority to make such an appointment or the appointment is tainted with sheer mala fides, on the basis of political considerations, nepotism etc.
Summary: Union Law Minister says lots of 'prejudiced and mala fide comments' made on death of Lankesh
It has been noticed with the utmost concern that the respondent No 1 (Nawaz Sharif), by using his position and clout, has started mala fide and malicious campaign against the judiciary and the JIT with criminal intention to hamper and impede the process of the investigation proceedings,' he stated.
The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources is committed to playing its role in resolving Pakistan's energy issues and remains undeterred by individuals with vested interests and mala fide intentions', the statement concluded.
The Department of Immigration and Emigration expects that the introduction of Visa Stickers will assist make easy different types of visas, ensure and protect the free movement of bona fide passengers at the same time as detecting mala fide passengers, assist detection of forgeries and fighting against abuses, facilitating border checks and expediting the issuance of visas, offering assistance to law enforcing authorities for enhanced national security and ensure safety of citizens.
Parrikar cites an Italian court order and claims mala fide intent in the AgustaWestland copter deal
Alagiri, who has been granted conditional bail in the case, said the FIR had been filed with mala fide intention and sought to quash it.
Ayubzada's inclusion in the body shows the government's mala fide intentions about the polls.
RJIL, which holds the pan-India 4G licences, said the GSM operators body has "misrepresented facts and misquoted the auction rules with the mala fide intent to mislead people and pressurise government into taking a lenient view on serious licence breaches by its members".
In a status report to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on telecom on Tuesday, CBI said mala fide considerations and an "illegal gratification" of Rs 549 crore were behind the "active intervention" of Dayanidhi and Kalanithi in curbing the business interests of Aircel's former owner C Sivasankaran.
There are risks associated with Cash on Delivery, wherein many users with mala fide intention order multiple high value items and either refuse to take the delivery or give an incorrect address.
If we allow transfer of licenses, some mala fide company may obtain the right for mining operations," MP Tologonov explained.
Nobody should seek any mala fide regarding Monastery of Mor (St.
This is a good opportunity to challenge the validity of these black laws in a court of law employing capable lawyers so that the issue can be highlighted and the mala fide character of these legislations can be exposed.