mal de mer

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motion sickness experienced while traveling on water

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Le Mal de mer tells the story of a mother who, with her young daughter, leaves her husband and their city home for the sea, seemingly Biarritz (though it is not named), close to St Jean de Luz, where Echenoz has sent his fleeing heroine, both writers drawn by an Atlantic that, as we shall see, also has particular importance for Houellebecq.
Until August of this year, Marlene and I avoided travel by ship because Marlene suffered from mal de mer.
Care for "a crepe galette of sea chortle and kelp in a rich mal de mer sauce"?
Cruises for Knight have meant a fire in the boiler room, an explosion, a hurricane, standing around a lifeboat muster station, lengthy cabin confinement and miserable mal de mer (seasickness).
Avec soulagement aussi car certains d'entre eux ont souffert du mal de mer a cause de la houle due au vent.
I shall limit my scope of reference in this early part of my argument to the trio of overlapping texts which in my opinion constitute the essential core of Darrieussecq's developing oeuvre: Naissance des fantomes, Le Mal de mer, and Bref sejour.
793]) and flight (of a mother and daughter in Mal de mer, 1999 [see WLT 74:1, p.