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FOREST MESSI vainly chased Makos Boy for a long way in an A2 last time and can make the most of a class drop to take the 9.
After modelling the probability that a mako shark would survive a year without being captured (a 72% chance) and calculating the fishing mortality rates, researchers determined that the rate at which shortfin makos were being killed in fisheries was actually 10 times higher than previously believed.
Matt ever since and made several return visits to chase makos, taking two sharks in the 500-pound range with my bow.
1) Adam Makos, An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II (2012).
The organisation says divers who have spotted makos say that, before attacking , the sharks swim in a figure-of-eight pattern, before approaching with mouths open.
They were finally able to get the mako far enough from their boat to throw it a rigged-up bonito.
Her husband of 37 years, Konstantinos Makos, died in 1988.
We re-examine the diet and daily ration of shortfin makos in the northwest Atlantic and quantify an important predator-prey relationship that has existed for decades.
In makos, as it occurs in most shark species, females reach bigger dimensions than males.
The vicious Mako shark, a cousin of the Great White, has eaten dogs and porpoises and is capable of attacking humans.
Cody said he first wrote his story about Ulloa catching a mako shark, but when he showed a photo of the shark to a marine biologist, he identified it as a great white.
Named among Austin's fastest-growing companies for three years by the Austin Business Journal, MAKOS will enhance Viewpoint's ability to better serve clients who require cross-platform advertising support including broadcast video.
To suggest realistic, lightning-fast makos - and not kill their human cast in the process - the producers of ``Deep Blue Sea'' had to seamlessly mix high-tech engineering with primordial nature.
Expert staging and shock cutting, not to mention the thoroughly convincing animatronics and computer graphics that went into the movie's awesome man-eating makos, put the show across.
Early in the contest, von Leer, who practices sight-fishing, an unusual tactic for shark anglers, determined that only makos he estimated at 65 pounds or heavier would be cast into the chum slick a mile off Palos Verdes.