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Whereas Westerners who convert to Islam are very well known--they go on television, are invited by the most popular programs, are presidents of the most famous Muslim associations and have no problems of visibility--we have sought out people who, by the very nature of their experience, have problems in making known what they have experienced, though they are very happy with what has occurred.
If only more youngsters would use this method of making known their needs, wants and concerns instead of the latter.
SIR - I applaud David Melding, the Tory AM, for his courage in making known his belief that the Assembly should be given powers equivalent to those of Scotland in order to become fully effective, although I realise that his main reason may be that he is worried about a possible drop in future Tory votes if this does not happen.
Additionally, the Company is making known the availability of its January 14, 2003 application submissions to the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions as part of an Application for Authorization to Establish a Banking Office, an Interagency Bank Merger Application and an Application for Authorization to Establish a Banking Office through the acquisition of an office of another financial institution.
But these are small flaws in an otherwise noteworthy book which has commendably begun the important task of making known a few of those thousands of Christians in the twentieth century who, having washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb, now intercede for the Church militant even as they enjoy their eternal reward.
The enrolling firm also is entitled to use the Appraisal Institute's logo and name for communications and various promotional materials, making known their commitment to the highest level of professionalism in appraisal services.