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Synonyms for making

Synonyms for making

the act that results in something coming to be

an attribute that must be met or complied with and that fits a person for something

(usually plural) the components needed for making or doing something

References in classic literature ?
Smith, I tried to approach the subject in a sceptical frame of mind, as any one may well be excused for doubting the truth of so extraordinary and odious an instinct as that of making slaves.
Such are the facts, though they did not need confirmation by me, in regard to the wonderful instinct of making slaves.
The excessive hardness of the wood, and my having no other way, made me a long while upon this machine, for I worked it effectually by little and little into the form of a shovel or spade; the handle exactly shaped like ours in England, only that the board part having no iron shod upon it at bottom, it would not last me so long; however, it served well enough for the uses which I had occasion to put it to; but never was a shovel, I believe, made after that fashion, or so long in making.
This was not so difficult to me as the making the shovel: and yet this and the shovel, and the attempt which I made in vain to make a wheelbarrow, took me up no less than four days - I mean always excepting my morning walk with my gun, which I seldom failed, and very seldom failed also bringing home something fit to eat.
- My other work having now stood still, because of my making these tools, when they were finished I went on, and working every day, as my strength and time allowed, I spent eighteen days entirely in widening and deepening my cave, that it might hold my goods commodiously.
I had a small runlet or two, as I observed before; but I could never arrive at the capacity of making one by them, though I spent many weeks about it; I could neither put in the heads, or join the staves so true to one another as to make them hold water; so I gave that also over.
This will be much more as it should be, for all these festivities, with the escort and the presents that we are making with so much good will are wholly in his honour, and any one with even a moderate amount of right feeling knows that he ought to treat a guest and a suppliant as though he were his own brother.
Even supporters of making peer review information public acknowledge that some small firm practitioners will object.
TAPPI PRESS Presents the Making Pulp and Making Paper CD-ROM Series, a New Interactive Training Course
The first is an industrial process that may make ethanol far cheaper to produce than ever before, with the potential of making this much-maligned--and over-subsidized--biofuel economically competitive with gasoline.
This variety also is making evaluative research difficult since researchers are failing to specify a consistently applied model of the elements of FGC prior to analyzing its effectiveness.
Portland, Oregon-based Resource Revival started making coffee and end tables from the salvaged fir beams of old houses in 2003.
What characteristics underlie expert decision making? How can simulation technologies be used both as training and tactical tools to accelerate and enhance decision making by law enforcement personnel?
We all borrow from each other as we seek to fulfill our shared calling of making Christ known.
Agriculture is making its way to big cities, suburbs and homes throughout the world in the new products made with Ingeo[TM] fibers, the first and only man-made, natural-based fiber made from 100 percent annually renewable resources--ordinary field corn.