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Synonyms for acquaintance

Synonyms for acquaintance

a person whom one knows casually


personal knowledge derived from participation or observation

Synonyms for acquaintance

personal knowledge or information about someone or something

a relationship less intimate than friendship

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Trixie also makes the acquaintance of Dex (Mulroney), a raffish ladies' man who quickly works his way into her heart.
After meeting a garrulous talking bug named Ted, Fone Bone makes the acquaintance of two humans, the beautiful Thorn (our heroine) and her grandmother, Grandma Ben.
By apparent chance, he also makes the acquaintance of a hairdresser who shows signs of the wounds of Christ - the Stigmata.
Photo: Tom Everett Scott plays a tourist who makes the acquaintance of a scary young woman (Julie Delpy) in Disney's ``An American Werewolf in Paris.
Morgan makes the acquaintance of Allen Porter, a former counselor to President Eisenhower, who met him through Seamas Concannon, an eccentric Irish fellow passenger who teaches at Beresford and can gulp down double martinis before breakfast.