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Synonyms for fun

Synonyms for fun

activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement

actions taken as a joke

to make jokes; behave playfully

Synonyms for fun

activities that are enjoyable or amusing

verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously)

violent and excited activity

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The joker for hire is smart I enough to know he can't keep his job by continuing to make fun of his employer, so he makes fun of himself.
My roommate makes fun of me, so I try to have fun with it.
The mobsters, meanwhile, indulge the usual movie made-guy eccentricities: Sonny (Cliff Gorman) digs that funky rap music the most; godfather Ray (Henry Silva) makes fun of people's names and tries to get his face to work; the jokers can't make the rent on their headquarters; and they all watch cartoons too much.
One of the T-shirts they have printed even makes fun of the controversy.
That's all ironic - it makes fun of advertising explicitly,'' Goodby says.
He makes fun of fat people and blind people and has no tolerance for foreigners or the homeless.
Nothing very interesting happens to anybody here - rejection is dealt with poorly, one character decides to go gay all of a sudden - but some of it is funny enough to overcome the general air of self-involved narcissism (a tone Leva at least makes fun of in a scene at a vanity publishing outfit).
Roth, the nationally known cartoonist (New Yorker, Sports Illustrated), makes fun of exercise through the ages and weighty romances gone wrong.
He makes fun of sentimentality, nostalgia for the good ol' college days, folk music, small towns, romantic attraction, the South, masochism, bullfights, the commercialism of Christmas and the Ku Klux Klan - just to name a few.