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Synonyms for make-believe

Synonyms for make-believe

the presentation of something false as true

Synonyms for make-believe

imaginative intellectual play

the enactment of a pretense

imagined as in a play


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Developmental psychologist Dr Nadja Reissland, a senior lecturer at Durham University, points out that while children do indeed love make-believe play, as the research asked what play adults and children remembered liking best, make-believe would probably have been more memorable than other activities, even for modern children.
How does an already confused preteen deal with the difference between make-believe and the "real world?
Making sure that make-believe play not only happens but reaches its well-developed form.
The four-country research project which forms the core of Media and the Make-Believe Worlds of Children provides a creative and insightful addition to the growing body of work on how children process the content of their media world and integrate it in their lives.
Whether LeRoy is gay, female, transgender, or just make-believe, San Francisco LGBT youth say they feel they've been duped.
The factory not only sells its workers' time at the keyboard, but as the players move through the levels, they wrack up virtual gold coins and other make-believe rewards.
Marina Warner, writer offiction, criticism and history, introduced Only Make-Believe as the exhibition's curator.
A diverse cross-section of kids played with make-believe buddies, the team found.
This study examined the relationship between children's ability to delay gratification and time spent in make-believe play in a sample of 39 three-to five-year-old children.
They inhabit a parallel universe of make-believe and when real life intrudes it comes as a terrible shock.
For serious viewers, who bring imagination and memory to the displays, the potential of inhabiting a chair, say, or a bed adds to the show's enticement, much like children who can enter the make-believe world of the dollhouse.
An experiment investigated the effect of a make-believe fantasy mode of problem presentation on reasoning about valid conditional syllogisms in three groups of 5-year-old children: a) school children from middle-class families in England; b) school children from middle-class families in Brazil; and, c) children from low SES families in Brazil who had never gone to school.
Engagingly written and distinctively illustrated with photography utilizing authentic folk art and handcrafted props in make-believe scenarios, by Stefan Czernecki, Ride'Em Cowboy takes young readers ages 4 to 7 seven through a day's work on the range.
Novelist and playwright, Anthony Hope (of Prisoner of Zenda fame) was quite alone at the December 1904 premiere in reactively longing to invoke a little slaughter of the innocents, commenting with a shudder after sitting through three hours of fairies, baby-talk and cloying make-believe, "Oh, for an hour of Herod.
The buggy is also used for such things as make-believe and carrying groceries.