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be reasonable or logical or comprehensible


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(8) Ironically, had this article actually been extended to a book-length study of the Tantric Buddhist caryavrata, it would undoubtedly help "make sense of Tantric Buddhism" in a hitherto unprecedented and truly groundbreaking way.
As it turns out, life doesn't make sense; sense makes life.
"Tape simply does not make sense any longer for many of our member hospitals," Statz said.
Does it make sense to deploy capital into China when the disputes between the United States and China threaten to disrupt the performance of capital in a fairly profound way in both economies?
The issue of "differential reporting" has been looked at many times in the past, and it's known as "Big GAAP, Little GAAP." Lots of work has been done, and every time the answers come back that while it makes sense to maybe have different levels of disclosures, or some different disclosures and it certainly makes sense to have longer effective dates for smaller companies, but that it does not make sense to have a whole different set of GAAP.
If any of this makes sense, or doesn't make sense but seems somehow appealing, send a buck or two: 195 Powers St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211.