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Synonyms for majuscule

one of the large alphabetic characters used as the first letter in writing or printing proper names and sometimes for emphasis

of or relating to a style of writing characterized by somewhat rounded capital letters

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His main goal remains to survey some of the unresolved problems in the study of Greek and Coptic majuscules. He covers the scripts of the Nag Hammadi codices, the scripts of the Bodmer Papyri, Greek biblical majuscule, Coptic biblical majuscule, sloping pointed majuscule, liturgical majuscule, and decorated liturgical majuscule.
Mais elle sera devant son public et la maitrise collective affichee au Stade de France l'a peut-etre enfin liberee avant cet affrontement majuscule qui fait saliver d'avance.
Davies calls the resulting humanistic script "a round, upright, formal book-hand characterized by spaciousness, avoidance of abbreviation and of fusion of letters, and reformed spelling." (6) Soon scribes began to model their majuscule letters after Imperial Roman inscriptions, and paired these Trajanesque capitals with the Carolingian-inspired minuscules.
CAPITALS, in Print, are the Majuscule, or initial Letters, wherein Titles, &c.
Nous cmployerons done " region " avec guillemets et sans majuscule pour designer notre terrain, et Region avec une majuscule et sans guillemets pour designer les regions administratives francaises.
Les unites en questions sont traitees de plusieurs points de vue que nous avons notes apres chaque synonyme par une majuscule, soit les procedes suivants:
There was nothing inevitable or unforeseen, only you, in majuscule, looking up to the gallery and saying hello.
Even so, I prefer "African-Canadian" to "Black Canadian" as a collectivizing phrase, for it is almost always going to be written with the dignity' of majuscule letters.
(1) Il faut distinguer Unitheatre (sans l'article et avec une seule majuscule), theatre amateur fonde a Saskatoon en 1970, et L'UniTheatre (avec l'article et deux majuscules) d'Edmonton qui voit le jour en 1992.
Dans le livre, le temps devient Temps, majuscule qui annonce la transformation du temps en un instance psychique ou en un objet interne donnant la vie, mais aussi la mort.
The singular surviving icon of this double transformation is the Book of Kells, its insular majuscule illuminating Epiphany.
"Le desespoir n'a jamais determine a ecrire," (2) notait Blanchot, et contre Michel Deguy, il n'a jamais eu "d'aergie." (3) Le savoir propre de l'activite litteraire serait, selon Bataille, "acephale" (4): une activite de poetes "maigres" (5) ou "simples," (6) par laquelle les initiateurs de la revue moritunts (sans majuscule) sont entres dans le champ litteraire contemporain.
Showing that the index and seven songs in the Dijon manuscript were later additions and then claiming that only a certain form of the majuscule E in tenor-voice designations occurs in these added entries and nowhere else, Alden concludes that whenever that particular form of E occurs, the scribe was writing in a later hand that had evolved over some time.