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the opinion joined by a majority of the court (generally known simply as 'the opinion')

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The majority opinion does not rule out setting aside other foreclosure sales besides mortgage foreclosures, such as sales arising from tax foreclosures or foreclosures not involving real property (like co-operative apartment foreclosures), based on failure of such sales to release reasonably equivalent value.
The majority opinion did not include a definition of extracontractual responsibilities.
org), the ACLJ asserts that the majority opinion of the three-judge panel is "an anomaly.
The court's majority opinion more closely resembled a newspaper opinion column than a court opinion.
Attendance at the start of the WTA Championships hovered around the poor-to-embarrassing mark and improved to average-to-satisfactory as the week ended, or at least that was the majority opinion.
The majority opinion cited the "plain meaning" of Sec.
The purpose of the [First Amendment's] Establishment Clause," wrote Justice Leigh Saufley in the majority opinion, "is reflected in the often repeated words of Thomas Jefferson: to build `a wall of separation between Church and State.
Supreme Court rifled in 1996 that Amendment 2, an antigay ballot measure approved by Colorado voters, violated the Constitution, the 6-3 majority opinion made it clear that gay men and lesbians could not be singled out for discrimination.
After this flap, O'Connor appears to have signed a Scalia majority opinion in only two contested cases (St.
Judge Miner, who wrote the majority opinion, was appointed as a district judge by President Reagan in 1981.
I believe that this Binational Panel Majority opinion may violate more principles of appellate review of agency action than any opinion by a reviewing body which I have ever read.
Justice Anthony Kennedy, in delivering an eight-to-one majority opinion, dismissed the board's argument that the ban was required to protect consumers from fraud and ensure CPAs' independence in delivering audit services.
However, as the Legal Times notes, "Kennedy appears to be a convert" to a more globalist view of law, as evidenced by the fact that his majority opinion in Lawrence cited a decision by the European Court of Human Rights.
Goodwin, of Pasadena, and Judge Stephen Reinhardt of Los Angeles signed the majority opinion.
Legal observers believe that the sixth circuit decision violates Romer, but the case will provide a crucial test of Justice Anthony Kennedy's strongly worded majority opinion.