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Synonyms for majorette

a female baton twirler who accompanies a marching band

a female drum major

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Starting at 10am near the town hall in Llangefni, there will be a host of activities including a funfair, face painting, tombola, climbing wall and of course the majorette competition, with hot and cold food also available.
Critique: Offering a unique window into what Amish life is like, "Called To Be Amish: My Journey from Head Majorette to the Old Order" is exceptionally well written, organized and presented.
The Marching Drum Line and the Majorettes both earned Excellent ratings and came in First Place.
Kieron added: "My confidence has been improved by dancing with the majorettes and it's helped my memory and coordination.
And here is a group of majorettes livening up the proceedings, parading in the Haymarket, in the city centre, in front of the Rag Week coffee stall.
Majorette was acquired by investment fund MI-29 in 2007, when Smoby was under receivership.
Virginia was a majorette in the Wyoming/Cowboy University Band, and she also played basketball for her college team.
She is majorette, cheerleader, big girl, sticky candy, and frightening Barbie.
I took piano, singing and dancing lessons, was a drum majorette, acted in plays.
The occasion was the unveiling of their new album, WAT ("We Are Time"), and gone were the band's trademark pair of bare-chested Aryan drummer boys, replaced by two conventionally attractive women in majorette uniforms making exactly the same moves, only now with a decidedly different effect.
Through the bouts of rain and sun, the fete ushers in majorette troupes and the elaborately costumed Moko Jumbies, who make their way through the crowd on stilts.
The iconic singer, with more twirls in her repertoire than a majorette, will be making rather more than your average Vegas showman, as she is to be paid pounds 65m for the three-year deal.
Dear Holly, keep on dancing alongside of us at all our displays,' she wrote in a letter attached to one of the majorette group's silver batons.
She may not be the drum majorette in the pride parade, may not be willing to be the poster child for all things gay, and may have other priorities in her life--but I don't believe she has acted in a cynical or selfserving way.
Quickies A macromolecule is a "big little" whereas a majorette is a "little big.