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the most important league in any sport (especially baseball)

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Having Barry associated with it kind of legitimizes it,'' Hirsch said of the only major-leaguer in this year's camp.
Plot holes abound, particularly the point that sets tonight's story into motion - what right-thinking major-leaguer would hand the keys to his Ferrari over to a batboy?
Leading off: San Diego, which has the first pick in this week's first-year player draft, will, as expected, take the younger brother of a current major-leaguer.
If you take a guy with his level of experience and thrust him into seventh-, eighth- or ninth-inning, run-producing situations, with the game on the line against a hard-throwing pitcher, that's a tall order even for a seasoned guy, much less an inexperienced major-leaguer.
This season, as a part-time right fielder, he has established himself as a major-leaguer, but even that might not ensure his future with the Angels.
Today, he'll make his first appearance there as a major-leaguer, but he's not exactly going in on a high.
Major-league pitcher Russ Ortiz, former major-leaguers Torey Lovullo and Brad Fullmer, and former NFL players Toi Cook and Lyle Leong are among Montclair Prep of Panorama City alums expected to attend the school's 50th anniversary celebration Nov.
Among the celebrities who have confirmed they'll attend are former major-leaguers Cal Ripken, Joe Morgan, Ozzie Smith, Kirby Puckett and Dave Winfield, actor James Caan, and UCLA football coach Karl Dorrell.
Owens' confidence was further boosted when he held his own in Venezuela, where rosters are dotted with major-leaguers.
Webb, whose investment partners include Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton and instructional staff includes former major-leaguers such as Bret Saberhagen and Mark Gubicza, wants to fill between 90 and 120 spots before the inaugural tour of Phoenix, San Diego, L.