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a team that plays in a major league

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As attendance collapsed and the Depression deepened, major-league teams did not reduce ticket prices, instead assuming that fans would simply purchase less expensive seats.
Several themes are interwoven though the text: the reputation of early baseball players and how that changed during the 1920s due to the presence of Babe Ruth and other baseball greats; the role of racism in the South, particularly Florida, and how major-league teams reacted to racism after Jackie Robinson broke the color line in 1947; the ongoing struggles of Florida towns and cities to attract and keep major-league teams for spring training; and finally, the rise of other spring training locales, particularly Arizona and to a lesser extent the threat posed by Las Vegas.
His contract with the Cubs, meanwhile, allowed him to leave if a major-league team came calling.
Rodriguez, 40, a Westlake Village resident, is pitching for his eighth major-league team.
The International League with 14 teams and the Pacific Coast League with 16 teams serve as the top farm clubs for the 30 major-league teams.
The National Football League's Minnesota Vikings currently rank as the most successful of the Twin Cities' major-league teams.
Joe Choti, senior vice president and CTO of MLB Advanced Media, which is owned jointly by all 30 major-league teams, stated, "There is tremendous interest in baseball and the content of baseball, and we are looking forward to the start of another exciting season.
Teams and Stats - Stats, standings, rosters and box scores for all games and all major-league teams
In his ten years away, minor-league baseball had gone into a deep decline; attendance plummeted after 1951, major-league teams trimmed their farm systems, and the number of minor leagues reached an all-time low.
three of the 16 major-league teams still were all white.
The bottom four rank 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th among the 30 major-league teams in this stretch.
A lot of the kids (in independent ball) who are coming off injuries, major-league teams won't touch them.
Prior to the first pitches, the players, dressed in uniform matching those of major-league teams, warmed up on the grass fields where the sounds of clinking bats and the snaps of balls hitting mitts could be heard.
Shortspring: Players on teams that advance to the final stages of the first baseball World Cup would not be with their major-league teams for most of spring training next year.
John Barnes said he didn't think too much of it at the time - that day when his father, Daryl, offered to write letters to major-league teams and try to get his son a job.