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being among the leaders in one's field

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Because he is left-handed and has major-league experience, Brooks probably will be claimed off waivers by another club, which is exactly how the Dodgers got him from Pittsburgh last December.
Norihiro Nakamura hit a pinch-hit single in his first major-league at-bat Sunday.
John Barnes said he didn't think too much of it at the time - that day when his father, Daryl, offered to write letters to major-league teams and try to get his son a job.
He figured it couldn't hurt if his father mailed his resume to major-league teams.
Orlando Palmeiro was the only backup outfielder on the major-league roster and the outfielders in the minor-league system are too inexperienced to be counted on in a pennant race.
In Ochoa, 30, the Angels get an experienced major-league outfielder who is hitting .
The final average salary of a major-league player in 2001 was $2,138,896, according to final figures released Wednesday by the Major League Baseball Players Association.
Player Development Contracts for eight of 10 teams in the league - including the JetHawks - expire at the end of the season, and talks between major-league teams and their minor-league affiliates officially opened Sept.
I think the process should be done after the season is over, I believe that wholeheartedly,'' said Ellis, noting he has already begun lobbying the National Association of Minor League Baseball, and has spoken with several officials at the major-league offices with regards to that issue.
Hopefully I'll bring positive major-league leadership.
While considered prospects, the Cal Fall League is lacking many of the young minor-leaguers projected as major-league superstars.
The meeting, which Campbell said will include most of the 68 major-league umpires, comes as the umpires' labor agreement is set to expire Dec.
It pushed him into contention for a major-league roster spot - along with Paul Bako, Joe Siddal and journeyman catcher Bill Hasselman, who signed with the team last week.
Robert is ready to hit at the major-league level, but the thing to consider is what's best in continuing his development,'' Tigers general manager Randy Smith said.
Upon its inception in 1933, the East-West Game, like the major-league All-Star Game that also started that year, was meant to make money for struggling owners.