major surgery

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any surgical procedure that involves anesthesia or respiratory assistance

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A heart transplant followed and Louisa and her family must have gone through some extremely difficult times through her initial illness, the major surgery and the start of her recovery.
The scientists added that the gender differences on pain perception are still heavily disputed, both in experimental and clinical fields and their data do not definitely clarify this issue; however, based on their findings it can be presumed that the type (and severity) of surgery may play a pivotal role, as females express higher pain scores after minor procedures, whereas males are more affected after major surgery. ( ANI )
Last week he asked fans to leave him in peace as he got over his major surgery, tweeting: "Hey guys I know most of you have seen those pics today!
Yes I've had major surgery, a much larger surgery than first anticipated, but I would like to tell u, it was a complete success !
Removing the prostate involves quite major surgery. It's difficult to reach and has a rich blood supply.
Surgery has been taken to a whole new level at Milford Regional Medical Center with the introduction of the da Vinci Surgical System, a sophisticated robotic platform designed to expand a surgeon's capabilities and offer a minimally invasive option for major surgery.
She's now in intensive care and is due to undergo major surgery on Sunday.
9 November 2011 - Deltex Medical Group Plc said on Wednesday that the British Journal of Anaesthesia had published the first study on the time it takes doctors to use the company's CardioQ-ODM (oesophageal Doppler monitoring) during surgery to allow for faster recovery of patients who underwent major surgery.
But for many, it'll be a different story entirely; as they face life-threatening illnesses, major surgery and the same four walls and faces they've seen all too often all year round.
CYMRU ALLIANCE: Flint Town United midfielder Stewart Carroll will be out of action for at least 12 months after scans revealed severe damage to his knee ligaments that will require major surgery.
A TEENAGER was discharged from a Midland hospital minutes before major surgery - because staff could not find the right equipment.
Summary: Coronation Street actress Maggie Jones is seriously ill in hospital after major surgery, a spokeswoman said today.
Nuland, M.D., discusses his experiences in China observing major surgery conducted without anesthesia, aided by acupuncture -- and whether its effectiveness can be explained by current biomedical science.
With major surgery now occurring at a rate of 234 million procedures per year--1 for every 25 people--and studies indicating that a significant percentage result in preventable complications and deaths, the WHO last month launched a new safety checklist for surgical teams to use in operating theatres as part of a major drive to make surgery safer around the world.