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(bridge) a suit of superior scoring value, either spades or hearts

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XEROX HAS SETTLED A MAJOR SUIT filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in April in connection with a wide-ranging, four-year scheme to defraud investors.
In the seventies, black workers in Birmingham and Bessemer won a major suit against twelve locals of the United Steel Workers of America for systematic discrimination (and Wiley McDowell's children received $1,200 in compensation for twenty-eight years of dead-end jobs at half the salary of his white counterparts).
Cherkassy lost a major suit brought by the Regional Council of Veterans of World War II.
Berwin & Berwin, within House of Fraser, are famed for their fantastic tailoring, with over 80 years experience and are the name behind major suit brands such as Ben Sherman, Paul Costelloe and Daniel Hechter.
A second major suit filed involves ClassicStar, a bloodstock-leasing agent, and alleges it conned participants out of "nearly $500m" over a four-year period, according to one report.
This way you will make two clubs, five diamonds and both major suit aces for your contract.
You are home if either major suit finesse works or the diamonds break.
South showed his major suit and when North bid two no-trumps Jason Hackett had nothing to spare and so passed.
Media faces two major suits: (1) electoral sabotage, a capital offense, in the regional trial court (RTC) of Pasay for her alleged role in the manipulation of the 2007 election results in Maguindanao, and (2) plunder, also a capital offense, in the Sandiganbayan (SBN) for her alleged participation in the illegal use of P366 million in funds of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
The Obama administration faces major suits filed by PPACA opponents who question whether the exchanges operated by HHS (rather than by states) have the authority to offer PPACA premium subsidy tax credits, and whether HHS has the authority to operate the PPACA "risk corridors" program -- a program that's supposed to use money from health insurers with good underwriting results to help individual insurers with poor underwriting results.
The state attorneys general are in a full-court press to reform loss-mitigation and default-servicing practices, and recently published reports indicate that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) audits conducted this spring as an outgrowth of the attorneys general inquiry may result in major suits being filed under the civil Federal False Claims Act.