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the premise of a syllogism that contains the major term (which is the predicate of the conclusion)

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In the enthymeme, the major premise is not expressed but implied, which makes the argument less complicated than the other three and easier to follow; because listeners can perceive that the omitted premise is implied, they can mentally supply it themselves and, in a sense, complete the argument by which they could be persuaded.
Aristotle applies the same principle to the universal, privative Celarent, whose major premise is about a denied predicate:
Junichi Furuyama, IS chief engineer, said: "We specifically made driving pleasure the major premise behind all aspects of performance.
A major theme of the National Academies' 2007 report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm, and a major premise of the 2007 America COMPETES Act and its 2010 reauthorization was that the nation urgently needed to boost funding of research in the physical sciences and engineering (PS&E) after a decade-long decline precipitated by the end of the Cold War.
In the process, the major premise of the Revolution, spreading it far and wide, has been quietly dropped.
This objection is incorrect re BB's (2004) major premise.
Hosono said he told Sato, ''With the safety of residents as the major premise, we have reached the stage where we must consider the possibility of temporary home visits (by residents within 3 km of the plant).
The book's second major premise is that readers will want to be told quite specifically what "we" hear and feel in each quartet.
Enthymeme usually results in deductive understanding when the major premise is obvious.
The major premise of The Strategic President is that presidents can best achieve change when they exploit existing opportunities rather than attempt to persuade others to alter their preferences or behavior.
The major premise of the book is to highlight assessment in the online environment by giving instructors a better understanding of what it is they might do to ensure they have assessed the learning of their online students.
Thus in this case, Saruman's deduction is invalid, whereas in the earlier argument it was the unsubstantiated generalization in his major premise that made his argument false.
The major premise of the dissent was that the Georgia Constitution prohibits the General Assembly from enacting a "local or special law .
The book's major premise is that African-Americans and British Victorians were not, at the end of the day, that distinct.
Its major premise of e-business merely became an enabling part of the "old" economy and SCM was still important.