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the longest axis of an ellipse or ellipsoid

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The experiments also revealed that the elliptical jet undergoes an interesting axis switching in which the major axis becomes the minor axis farther downstream distance from the nozzle.
Table 1 Reduced major axis linear regression equations for the average [log.sub.10](leg length) (mm) of Balanus glandula as a function of the average [log.sub.10] of two measures of water velocity (m/s) under breaking waves Regression statistics Trait slope intercept [r.sup.2] P A.
It is important to note that because the major axis is not coincident with isometry it summarizes some shape variation (and as well, the remaining axes explain some size variation).
Distribution of major axis of 593 daily rainfall patterns by class interval
During the meeting, she noted that promoting for opening the Grand Egyptian Museum under the rubric "GEM2020" is a major axis of the Egyptian tourism promotion campaign.
According to The Confederation of Tunisian Citizen Enterprises (CONECT)), "the industrialisation of the audiovisual professions in Tunisia can be the major axis of the new economic model so proclaimed by all politicians, experts and economic operators and this thanks to employment opportunities, regional development, tourism and economic it presents.
The social dimension in agriculture and the rural sector in the Near East and North Africa, rpresent another major axis of discussion.
*In 1948, two major axis powers of World War II Germany and Japan were suspended from the Olympic Games.
"At the meeting, members of the national security and foreign policy commission reiterated support for Syria as a major axis of resistance," he stated.
The major axis length is greater than or equal to the minor axis length.
In fact, the oval [shape] is generated by the rotation of ellipse around its major axis and the lenticular by its rotation around its minor axis.
Arm rotation (major axis) ranges up to 10 rpm on smaller models with swing below 120 in.
From this model, equations for the dielectric constants along the major axis and minor axis of ellipsoid in an islands-sea structure such as plastic foams can be derived (6).
The pitch's flatness and strict rectangularity forge a link with the city below and beyond, signalling culture as opposed to nature in the hill behind, and bequeathing to the building both its major axis and its most formal and symmetrical face.