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the longest axis of an ellipse or ellipsoid

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Keywords: Major axis length, vector manipulation, and ear recognition
The Standardized Major Axis Tests and Routines (MATR) software package (Warton and Weber, 2002; Falster et al.
So we considered the major axis as actual length (L) and minor axis as actual width (W) as well as thickness (T) of cashew kernel as shown in Figure 3b, c and d (Balasubramanian, 2001).
ellipse(81,70,16,32); // Draw the left eye with an ellipse at coordinates (x,y) = (81,70) and minor axis of length 16 and major axis of length 32
The size of the fabella was 20 mm along the major axis, with osteophyte and deformation of the articular cartilage confirmed (Figure 4).
Considering the effect of the surface tension on the cross section shape deformation, the radial pressure difference between major axis a and minor axis b during spinning process can be expressed as [17]:
Al-Youm newspaper pointed out that the Kingdom has always been the major axis of security and regional stability, and against interfering in the internal affairs of States, noting that the Saudi policy has been distancing itself from any incalculated foreign adventures.
at least two accumulator segments having a substantially circumferential orientation such that each of the at least two accumulator segments have a major axis that run substantially circumferentially and intersects the at least one longitudinal segment at a vertex, wherein each of the respective intersections of the at least one substantially longitudinal segment and each of the at least two accumulator segments when measured from the vertex forms a step having a discernible angle of less than about 110[degrees].
The extraction of individual morphological characteristics of weedy rice seeds variants were carried out to extract individual seed length, width, rectangular aspect ratio, major axis length, minor axis length and aspect ratio [3, 4].
Dr Bin Fahad said: "Sustainability represents a cornerstone of the policy of the UAE development, and has been adopted as a major axis of Expo 2020, the international event that we are all proud to work and be ready to host in Dubai.
The description and definition of the standard deviation ellipse include mainly three parameters, the major axis Lt, the minor axis [L.
For instance the results achieved from ETABS considering the X-axis to be the major axis i.
The reduced major axis revealed a slope of just over one with a slight negative intercept.
Oujda - The Oujda-Fez railway line has been reinforced with the projects launched, Wednesday, by HM King Mohammed VI, intended to provide this major axis with a modern infrastructure enabling it to accommodate the substantial flow of traffic in the best conditions of safety and comfort.
The Conference focuses on the major axis of the most important issues of the sector including the objectives and strategies of development of land transport network, sources of financing infrastructure projects in the transport sector, the design and construction of roads with efficiency and sustainability and bridges and tunnels, the development of integrated and sustainable transport system.