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the longest axis of an ellipse or ellipsoid

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As mentioned earlier, all these three cakes are located near the ear lobes and the major axes of these three cakes are calculated.
Endowed with an overall budget of 826 million dirhams, the ambitious program revolves around five major axes: consolidating the road, drinking water and liquid sanitation networks, protecting environment, developing sports facilities and recreational spaces, promoting cultural activities and supporting social action, mainly by relocating inhabitants of decaying constructions and buildings endangered by floods.
He said there are three major axes to be discussed in the selected governorates.
Priority projects are situated along what the Commission calls transport corridors', ten major axes that cross at least three member states each and encompass several modes of transport.
The Steering Committee was informed that the initial zonal and land use plan describing the concepts of major axes, green ribbons, the city centre, down town area, principal amenities and individual residential sectors has been finalized.
Heavy-duty drives systems on the major axes assure operational longevity.
Boosting the railway transport is one of the major axes of the sector's development strategy.
9) with insignificant minor and major axes. Under controlled dry friction, the part displacement from the initial position to the center of the search trajectory is found to be significantly larger than in case of constant dry friction (Fig.
The Romer arm is valued for its infinite rotation in all its major axes. This means users never get wound up (literally) in a complicated inspection job, such as inside a large tool or special casting.
Alternately, one could define a "compass rose" as a diamond-shaped word set, where the major axes both consist of the word COMPASS.
Removing finishes on surfaces and reducing machining cycle time, this feature is a "preprocessor" that reads an NC program to detect sequences of planar motion and fits arcs to smooth linear motion, within a user-specified tolerance, along the machine's major axes (XY, YZ, and XZ).
The joint is comprised of two elliptical surfaces, with their major axes directed perpendicularly.
By using these values, the ratios of major axes to minor axes of cells for both samples can be calculated according to the relation between [Delta][Epsilon] and the ratio of major axis to minor axis shown In Fig.
This is plainly the centre of the whole place, at the crossing of the two major axes. Straight.
To determine if the major axis deviated from a vector of isometry with elements 1/[8.sup.1/2] = 0.354, 1000 bootstrap major axes were obtained by resampling (with replacement) from the 177 families of the ancestral population and, for each, the angle of separation of the axis from isometry was computed.