major affective disorder

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All subjects met criteria for psychosis or major affective disorder.
The highest-functioning children benefited most from fluoxetine, as did those with hyperlexia, a family history of major affective disorder, or a family history of unusual intellectual achievement (Dev.
They studied 45 men with major affective disorder (n=25) or personality disorder (n=20), and their results suggested that serotonergic function was low in both groups of patients, compared with a healthy control group.
Selected by the Foundation's Scientific Council, comprised of 150 leading experts across disciplines in brain and behavior research including two Nobel Prize winners, four former directors of the National Institute of Mental Health, four recipients of the National Medal of Science, 13 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 21 Chairs of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Departments at leading colleges and universities around the world, and 47 members of the Institute of Medicine, the grants fund basic research, new technologies and next-generation therapies for schizophrenia, major affective disorders, and other serious mental illnesses.
Psychiatric difficulties include major affective disorders (depression or bipolar disorder), anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and Tourette syndrome.
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