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a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers

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My left arm slithered humbly back into its prone position as the maitre d' subjected the hapless waiter to a muffled, velvety earful for not monitoring the level of wine in our glasses closely enough to have anticipated my ill-advised refill.
But the maitre d's refusal saved her around EUR90 - the average price of a three-course meal for enjoying the Ramsay dining experience.
Phil Cano, 76, for 25 years the maitre d' at Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood, and his ``chip off the old block,'' son Jimmy Cano, 54, for 20 years the maitre d' at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood, will find out if either one of them has been selected on Monday.
In the end, though, it's a tool best left to furious maitre d's and frustrated pet-owners.
According to Maitre D's, one celebrity gets the entire menu read to him every time he comes in.
YOUNG chefs and maitre d's from University College Birmingham have been rated the best in the UK in a prestigious national catering competition.
French-born chef Claude Gaty's food is a delight while Michael the Maitre D's service is superb.
Includes 4 COP w/package Liquor License ($310k), 8 LCD TV's, Extensive air system ($149K), changing LED light system ($140k), security cameras ($16k), sound system ($30k), 9 POS terminals with Maitre D's software, just to hit some of the highlights.
Sometimes, restaurant maitre d's won't believe it is actually me who has made a table reservation because the name they have on their list is so far removed from my actual surname, they think I can't possibly be the same person.
Savage chefs and maniacal maitre d's will still hunt you down and saute your soul.
But it doesn't assure them great treatment from French maitre d's.
While adding the tips automatically is a nice convenience, I wonder how much is skimmed from the top by NCL, how much goes to the maitre d's (whom we generally do not tip), and how much is actually left over for the hardworking staff.
Ask buyers, sommeliers, maitre d's or bottle shops who are the good agents," he said.
I didn't, and in between the maitre d's podium and the restaurant's best table I could think of no one in Luxembourg to call to find out.
Left: Germany's Sven Hannawald taking a practice jump during training at the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Park CityAbove right: Italian maitre d's test the water during a course to learn about the correct mineral waters to be served with different foodsRight: Horses for courses - participants get to grips with the ground during the skijoring event of the White Turf Horse Race on the frozen lake at St Moritz, Switzerland