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highly decorated earthenware with a glaze of tin oxide


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Tazze e sottocoppe in maiolica di Castel Durante ornate d'istoriette mitologiche [.
An aggravating factor in the appearance of white spots is the very nature of the gloss, low fire glazes employed in current Maiolica ware.
The works in terracotta and maiolica demonstrate the artist's natural capacity for modelling in clay.
Faience, maiolica and delft are all made of an earthenware body covered in a lead glaze to which tin oxide has been added.
Truly magisterial in its presentation and expertise, this 2-volume work presents a nearly complete catalogue of the maiolica, slip-ware, other lead-based wares, and Medici porcelain contained in the British Museum, with 473 detailed entries and superb color plates of each piece.
The neighboring, and competing, field of maiolica used them.
Italian ceramics of the type that are offer at Bella Italia are called majolica (or maiolica in Italian).
We are still enjoying beautiful ceramic work created centuries ago, as seen in "Learning From Exhibitions: Marvels of Maiolica .
Stein collection and thirty objects from the holdings of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)--various aspects of Italian Renaissance maiolica, including its manufacture, artists, production centers, design, function, patronage, value, and relation to other domestic goods.
Maiolica, with an i, on the other hand had been around since the 15th Century, most notably in Renaissance Italy.
Ma pure, come valenti uomini, ogni arte e ogni forza operando, essendo da infinito mare combattuti, due di sostennero; e surgendo gia dalla tempesta cominciata la terza notte e quella non cessando ma crescendo tuttafiata, non sappiendo essi dove si fossero ne potendo per estimazione marineresca comprendere ne per vista, per cio che obscurissimo di nuvoli e di buia norte era il cielo, essendo essi non guari sopra Maiolica, sentirono la nave sdruscire.
He can be seen in the maiolica bowl in figure 106, not helping the mother, but casting a horoscope.
A correlation of the Tethyan Maiolica Formation of the Breggia section (southern Switzerland) with Early Cretaceous coccolith oozes of Site 534A, DSDP Leg 76 in the western Atlantic.
Indeed, the word majolica (or maiolica) originates from the island of Majorca, or Maiolica.
Other forms of the minor decorative arts - misericords, maiolica, trinkets and metal-work - drew freely on the theme.