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someone who upholds or maintains

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Rice varieties of kerala as restorers and maintainers for wild abortive cytoplasmic male sterile lines.
It's one of three major areas that fall under aerospace propulsion, and they work hand-in-hand with flightline engine troops and engine test cell maintainers.
When the maintainer asked, "What seems to be the problem?
Our advanced training programs teach BLACK HAWK pilots and maintainers to execute complex missions safely, effectively and confidently.
To mitigate the risk of either an increase in workload or resourcing issues the PTA is seeking to set up a panel of suitable support organisations who can provide qualified Overhead Catenary Maintainers that can augment PTA s internal workforce and plant.
A cargo strap was attached to the blade root so the maintainers on top could hold it in position to prevent that blade from falling once all bolts were removed; one bolt remained.
Some laptops will still be used in supervisory and troubleshooting roles, but the vast majority of tech data accessed by AFRC maintainers will be done via iPads.
During the 17-week course, MOS 91S Soldiers acquired skills previously performed by three specialized maintainers.
Post articles that will help your maintainers on that bulletin board we mentioned.
These new maintainers earn their initial 3-level qualification at Air Education and Training Command formal training schools.
To compare dietary strategies and use of fat- and sugar-modified foods and beverages amongs weight-loss maintainers (WLMs) and an always-normal weight group, researchers analysed calorie, protein, carbohydrate, fat and beverage intake as well as dietary restraint in over 300 individuals.
These features facilitate making the PRM-34B an essential tool for all SINCGARS radio operators and maintainers.
The type of space maintainers used (band and loop) which encounter lesser stresses than longer span appliances [Qudeimat and Fayle, 1998];
Navy officials have begun to investigate options for a replacement aircraft and maintainers and operators are eager to have their say.
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- When aircraft maintainers half-way around the world need help fast, round-the-clock support is now available at Air Force Materiel Command's three air logistics centers.