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someone who upholds or maintains

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If a maintainer is out in the field and he has a problem, he can show an SME [subject-matter expert] the problem by putting a video camera on it and the SME can then use voice, chat, and streaming video to provide a diagnosis and solution to the problem.
One of the common admixtures that is observed during hybrid seed production is that of maintainer lines with those of the CMS lines.
This more realistically represents 90 percent of the maintainer population, and all future JSF simulations will use these new cases.
Theres going to be movements among its core maintainer consumers as well as from its subsegment of returnees and its other subsegment of big spenders.
They're the heart and soul of the F-16s stationed at Misawa Air Base, Japan, and it's up to Youngblood and his fellow aerospace propulsion maintainers to bring them to life.
Growing desperate, our maintainer said, "I know what to do, I'll spray him with a water hose.
Our Safety Center analysts set out to produce an ORM product that aviation maintainers could use on the job.
To clarify, the 3-, 5-, 7-and 9-level maintainers represent the availability of each level maintainer to the F-16C/D airframe.
The traditional appliance has been the distal shoe space maintainer, but fabrication and placement can be quite complicated.
For example, a front line maintainer would approach a broken machine and be able to know, with a simple scanning device, its maintenance history, hours deployed in the field, home depot and manufacturer.
maintainer germplasms were developed and released by the USDA-ARS, Fargo, ND, and the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, Fargo, ND, in 2001: HA 429 (Reg.
The new design LM2000 Level Maintainer from FWMurphy features a lower cost and compact size while maintaining the basic design features of the field proven line of level maintainers and regulators.
Personnel provide real time assistance to the maintainer to complete the maintenance process and return the system to operational status.
2 Average Consumer Expenditures by Age of Maintainer
Tenders are invited for 9 ea of special hardened maintainer blades5/8 to 7/8 thick x 8~ wide x 6~ long; 47 ea of special hardened maintainer blades 5/8 to 7/8 thick x 8~ wide x 7~ long;