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someone who upholds or maintains

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The supply of fuel in the fuel tanks (reservoirs) of SJSC Latvian road maintainer ~needs.
Roy [17] identified 10 maintainer and four restorers of five exotic CMS lines while working with 33 local aromatic genotypes of Bangladesh.
They're the heart and soul of the F-16s stationed at Misawa Air Base, Japan, and it's up to Youngblood and his fellow aerospace propulsion maintainers to bring them to life.
Growing desperate, our maintainer said, "I know what to do, I'll spray him with a water hose.
Our maintainers walked away with a triumph over the machine, but learned they would later have to fix a faulty blade lockpin puller.
The standard timeline for upgrading from 3- to 5-level is about 12 months but can vary greatly depending on circumstances and the individual maintainer.
The Fort Gordon 25U Maintainer Course, 101st Air Assault Division, Tobyhanna Army Depot, the 25th Infantry Division in Alaska, and 45th IBCT ARNG are currently using the interim PRM-34 Portable Test Sets.
In addition, parents were instructed to notify the clinician immediately if the band and loop space maintainer became loose, or if any discomfort was encountered.
a New York designer, installer and maintainer of security systems for residential, office and institutional clients, has upgraded the systems that protect the building and its residents from crime and vandalism.
With the help of JDSR, a maintainer trained at the basic organizational level can receive assistance from depot support personnel or an engineer and, in some cases, from the original equipment manufacturer that produced the equipment.
Communications company Global Crossing is suing the world's largest builder and maintainer of undersea cable systems TyCo International for US$1 billion.
Also, the aircraft was in this unsafe condition for nine full days with one maintainer even noticing the aircraft appeared off balance the day prior to the mishap.
We've tried to depict (by position), how a maintainer can apply risk management on a daily basis in their job.
Once the aircraft on cat 1 had been launched, a maintainer climbed the ladder to hand me the A sheet.
Get your maintainer to replace the module following the procedure in TM 11-5855-321-30&P to ensure there are no problems with your LRAS3 when you need it.