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the chief mast of a sailing vessel with two or more masts

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Old man Hasken o' the "East Wind" - Troop seemed to be talking to himself - "he tripped on a hatch an' butted the mainmast with his head - hardish.
Troop regarded the top of the mainmast with deep interest for a while, as Harvey harangued fiercely all around him.
"I can see it now, the water-tank, the mainmast, the gang hanging on to him, the hatchet descending on the back of his head, and all under the blazing sunlight.
I got to London in about three weeks, where I heard a little while after that the ship was arrived in Bristol, but at the same time had the misfortune to know that by the violent weather she had been in, and the breaking of her mainmast, she had great damage on board, and that a great part of her cargo was spoiled.
Swiftly she sank, and no more than a matter of moments was it when the stump of her mainmast was gone.
So it was that Jerry, when he chanced upon the wild-dog stowed shrewdly away from the wind in the lee-corner made by the mainmast and the cabin skylight, did not stop to consider whether the creature was bigger or fiercer than he.
On top of the mainmast the American flag fluttered bravely in the tropical night.
The prow, mainmast and two guns from the USS Indiana stand near the main entrance to Memorial Stadium, paying homage to the World War II battleship.
A gigantic replica of the mainmast and sail of the Straw Hat Pirates' Thousand Sunny sloop-type ship will be placed in front of the Palazzo Pretorio, which was the governor's residence during the Renaissance.
Each of these has a raised deck aft and is rigged with three masts: a centrally located mainmast, with a square sail and a top square sail on a topmast, a foremast placed near the stem with similar rigging, and a smaller mast just forward of the tiller with a lateen sail.
Sailors clamber in the rigging, which is also decorated with pearls, while seated at the foot of the mainmast are the tiny figures of Tristan and Isolde, playing chess.
Antwerp at the bottom, in letters as tall as the mainmast. (178-79) Fanny's inheritance of this motley assemblage of household detritus is foreshadowed in chapter 2 when the narrator tells us that Maria and Julia "could do no more than make her a generous present of some of their least valued toys, and leave her to herself" (15).
Women have no place on board a 19 th -century whale ship scouring the South Pacific (though they are briefly glimpsed being worried and pregnant before the ship sets sail); you can't climb a mainmast, or clamber on the rigging, in skirts and crinolines.
Her fiance's wet fingers slid around the mainmast. The old ship moved so fast his hair plastered over his face.
It was set in an amphitheatre of wooded hills, one of which was covered with noble oak and beach trees, another with dark firs and walnuts, and a third with young plantations.'' On the top of the highest of these hills was a small area, in the midst of a picturesque clump of aged Scotch firs, where rose a flag-staff, as high as the mainmast of a ship, which could be seen from a vast distance around.