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the principal route of a transportation system

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Enbridge, Canada's largest pipeline company, said it would undertake a C$7 billion ($6.32 billion) replacement programme in the mainline system running between Edmonton and Superior, Wisconsin.
The household mainlines penetration is measured by dividing the residential mainlines by the number of households in each country.
Chasing Down a Rumor: The Death of Mainline Denominations.
The mainline assets include two pipelines that run from close to the Texas-Mexico border near Laredo and McAllen to Transco Station 30 where they connect with the Williams Transco mainline, which has connections at the Katy hub and continues on to the Southeast and Northeast.
The TV Mainline/Lateral Inspection Truck is designed to inspect 6 inch through 200 inch mainlines and to locate and inspect 3 inch through 8 inch lateral services with access from the mainline up to 100 feet.
INSERTA TEEs are compression fit into the cored walls of mainlines. INSERTATEEs require no special tooling.