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the principal route of a transportation system

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Mainliners across the theological spectrum celebrated his work.
His straightforwardly evangelical language and unrelenting opposition to gay marriage and abortion alienates mainliner activists on the left.
As she joins us on the big United Air Lines team-clad for the first time in Mainliner blue-radiant in all her youthful enthusiasm-she's a living symbol of Service in the Mainliner manner.
Some of these are imperfect homophones, or 'homophonies.' acre acher an overworked gardner attic addict A closet mainliner hides away to shoot up, in this the ...
(1) Thomas Pynchon wrote of the alienating, dystopian elements of postmodern California in his 1966 The Crying of Lot 49, where he described the road as a "hypodermic needle, inserted somewhere ahead into the vein of the freeway, a vein nourishing the mainliner L.A., keeping it happy, coherent, protected from pain, or whatever passes, with a city, for pain" (15).
A dozen years later the Yankees became the first team to do it on a regular basis, chartering a Douglas DC-4 dubbed the "Yankee Mainliner" in the 1946 season.
The group consisted of Rugby public schoolboy Peter Kember, AKA Sonic Boom or Mainliner or even Peter Gunn on vocals and guitar, Jason Pierce vocals and guitar with Sterling "Rosco" Rosswell on drums and Pete "Bassman" Baines on bass.
Here we have the archetypal mainliner, doped up with hard, unrefined, unadulterated, high-octane Gerin Oil.
MAINLINER Imaginative Plan (La Musica): Kawabata adds his guitar wizardry to this five track stormer and it's hard to imagine anything less confrontational.
For a gumdrop mainliner like me, this is baleful news.
Judith Neisser, "Masterpieces of Illusion." Mainliner Magazine.
The newest mainliner, M/V Kennicott, the first large ocean-going passenger vessel designed and built in the U.S.
The Acid Mothers collective was formed five years ago by Kawabata Makoto, whose previous outfits have included Musica Transonic, Mainliner and Toho Sara.
The problem is that it's impossible to have a serious debate on drugs in this country without some dimwit suggesting that the occasional dope smoker is as serious a threat to the well-being of society as the heroin mainliner.