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Desired trait of mainframe programmers who have to learn client/server.
Mainframe programmers don't know how to develop Web software, but ordinary mortals can use it after five minutes of training.
Otherwise, Galitz's book should meet the professional needs of COBOL mainframe programmers who are making the transition to a GUI environment, experienced C programmers who would like to institutionalize good screen design practices, and Macintosh or Microsoft Windows programmers who want greater in-depth coverage of this topic.
The mainframe programmers gave us the data in tagged field ASCII format compressed on high-density floppy disks.
Despite warnings from the mainframe programmers that this large database would "kill" our system, it hardly even hiccupped.
Addressing the diminishing skill set of mainframe programmers and technicians, System Explorer for z/OS improves return on investment in this mission-critical platform by increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.
-- Language support for COBOL, PL/I, and C++, which makes integration accessible to mainframe programmers