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rotor consisting of large rotating airfoils on a single-rotor helicopter that produce the lift to support the helicopter in the air

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Berenato, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Ducommun, stated, "We are pleased by the award of these follow-on contracts which affirm our long-term commitment to Boeing on the Chinook program, and highlight our leadership position in the production of stainless steel, aluminum and titanium erosion shields for a wide array of rotary wing applications, including the Chinook main rotor blade abrasion strips.
Immediately after impact he saw the four main rotor blades, still connected at their hub, hit the water.
The report said that having probably entered cloud, the helicopter entered a rapid descent and the main rotor blades struck the tailboom.
Goodrich to develop main rotor actuator and hydraulic power supply
A complete record ensures no one will have to remove the main rotor head or the drive train system for maintenance that's already been done.
David Learmount of Flight International magazine said: "If you have a catastrophic gearbox failure it will seize up and it will snap the driver to the main rotor.
was recently awarded a new contract for the development and manufacturing of a state of the art composite main rotor blade for the same aircraft.
Standing on unsupported areas of your bird--like the main rotor fairings, panels, engine inlets, upper pilot windows and APU vent screens--is guaranteed to lead to damage.
Pathologist Dr David Sadler, of Dundee University, said they were "consistent with the main rotor having sliced through the cabin of the aircraft.
The testing has also verified the performance and vibration characteristics of the new main rotor blades.
Mechanics, the lower pressure plate and the main rotor shall nut on a Black Hawk's main rotor head are bolted together.
The 37 Super Puma copters used by oilmen were grounded after a report that the crashed machine had a problem with its main rotor.
The A-kit includes: mounting hardware; wiring, Main Rotor Vertical and Lateral Accelerometers, Tail Rotor Accelerometer, Intermediate Gearbox Accelerometer, Main Rotor Tachometer, interconnection cables between all B-kit components and aircraft power; and modification work order instructions to enable a qualified maintenance team to install the A-kit in the AH-64 helicopter.
Frisby, Triumph's president and chief executive officer, "The acquisition of General Donlee will add a strong position in engine and main rotor shafts to our product capabilities.
4M to strip and rebuild 89 UH-60A/L helicopter main rotor blades -- A contract for $1.