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(computer science) a computer file that is used as the authority in a given job and that is relatively permanent

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The Data Summary is an alphabetical index to the roughly two-and-a-half million responses to the fieldwork questions; the Main File records quotations generated by DARE's extensive reading program, which included newspapers, diaries, government documents, regional fiction and poetry, collections of local language and folklore, and the like; the Index leads us to sources such as glossaries, dissertations, regional cookbooks, and wordlists from the audiotapes made by our informants; and the Latest File is the repository for all materials acquired after the formal collecting was completed.
After this, Ramen opens the archive and executes its main file "START.
Administrators can maintain the remote file system as read-only, until in the event of a disaster, the backup server can be changed to read/write mode and used as the main file system.
Shayler said: "I saw his main file in the months leading up to the 1992 election.
The case officer should place all of the information the informant supplies in the created informant file, while the main file on a particular crime should contain copies of reports or other investigative documents that apply to that case only.
Development of an intranet may be a major step forward for any tax practice in promoting an electronic, paperless office in which the electronic version is the main file record.
At the end of every week, all the employees' files at home must be downloaded onto the file server so it contains the main file backups.
The main file can be searched by either patient name or specimen accession number.
Since implementing the ExaGrid system, backups of RFI's main file server have been reduced by 2/3--from 24 hours with the previous system down to just 8 hours.
It's the main file management program, allowing you to view and manipulate files, folders, disks and drives.
Randon installs its components to the Windows system directory, registers its main file and the MIRC client in the Windows registry auto-run key, and then executes them.
I had a quick peek at the IntelliWrite stats on our main file server, and the number of eliminated fragments is measured in millions
If anything happens to the main file server, customers can recover all files from the Nasuni Filer and be up and running in no time without the delays of a full file restoration operation.
It's also on the Exchange mailbox server to defragment about eight stores, almost all being over 100GB, and our main file share cluster.
I can back up the 800 gigabyte main file server in 10 minutes; the other backup system took eight to nine hours to do the same job, if it worked at all.