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the diagonal of a square matrix running from the upper left entry to the lower right entry

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1) Read the full PolSAR image and the main diagonal elements of the polarimetric coherency matrix [T11, T22, T33], and extract span image.
Below we have highlighted a rectangular submatrix whose lower-left corner intersects the main diagonal,
In case of a constant geometry contact: the contact is reflected onto a main diagonal as a result of the direction change (i, j) [left and right arrow] (j, i).
delta]] that are of shifted shape [delta] and are filled with entries in accordance with the two rules: (1) that the entry at each main diagonal position (i,i) is either i or [bar.
Case 3: n is odd and and n > 2 If n is odd then there will be n - 1 rows to be inverted because of the 1 in the main diagonal of the frist row.
where diag(u) is the diagonal matrix of vector u, its main diagonal elements are the elements of vector u and all other elements are zeros.
The main diagonal of the matrix contains the correct responses for each stimulus, whereas the incorrect/confused responses correspond to the off-diagonal elements.
In a magic square the numbers are arranged so that each row, column, and main diagonal adds up to the same number.
The WSL wall series is the Slant line with a main diagonal flat panel and the WCL Classic group features a concave curve.
An (m, n)-Dyck path is a path in the m x n lattice which proceeds by north and east steps from (0,0) to (m, n) and which always remains weakly above the main diagonal y = [n/m]x.
Furthermore, triu (A) denotes the matrix that coincides with A strictly above the main diagonal while being zero elsewhere.
Simply try to start with no symbol repeated in either main diagonal.
Binding members are determined from so called main controllers, which are main diagonal elements of the transfer matrix of controller [G.
It is easily seen that the sum in (1) gives the total number of cells between the supporting Dyck path and the main diagonal.
This is not much different from asking if, given the formal rules of English, one can construct a three-by-three word square in which each row, column, and main diagonal is a different word.