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a person who mutilates or destroys or disfigures or cripples

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Yet, until recently, Loftus worked in institutional sales and equity trading, a career that lost its luster with the advent of electronic trading and its impersonal maimer.
704(b) book income or loss, but with the assumption that the partnership agreement requires that partnership taxable income or Loss be allocated in the same maimer as partnership Sec.
Serbian and Yugoslav Maimer Rifles, by Branko Bagdonovic, $19.
In his stories, Lazarevic uses irony in a very complex maimer, and thus presented himself as a sensitive writer (14) who is aware of the illusion of truth, who requests from his readers an active and demanding construction of a picture of double reality: one presented as ideal, and one contrary to that ideal.
And knowing that Octavius was an excellent man and one wishing to rule in the most just maimer [my emphasis] but that Cinna was distrusted by Sulla and eager for war against the established government, Marius decided to devote himself and his forces to the latter.
Rather, these rules are designed to provide a framework or set of guidelines for the adjudication of conflicts in a fair and non-defensive maimer (Rebore 2001; 2003).
Such accusations cut deeply into the powerful psychology of group identity in a maimer that few domestic trials do (save only the most highly public, racialized trials).
Walter Kunneth wrote that state measures to restrict Jewry were necessary for the protection of the German people, the church's task being to "ensure that the exclusion of the Jews as a foreign body in the life of the Volk does not occur in a maimer contrary to Christian ethics.