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Synonyms for maim

Synonyms for maim

to deprive of a limb or bodily member or its use

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injure or wound seriously and leave permanent disfiguration or mutilation

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Carroll dedicates both Madonnas that Maim and Veiled Threats to the memory of Giordano Bruno, burned alive in Rome in 1600 by the Roman Inquisition as much for his tendentious disrespect for authority as for his actual doubts about madonnas and saints.
It appears it was designed to kill and maim indiscriminately the largest number of innocent people.
The collapse in HSE enforcement and prosecution sends a clear message that the Government is prepared to let employers kill and maim with impunity.
Under the right (or wrong) conditions," he wrote, "everything we need for life can also maim or kill: water can drown, food can poison, air can choke.
These sites are often dangerous, with high walls and cliffs, flooded pits and open mine mouths creating hazards that can maim or kill.
Mohammad Yasin Malik in a statement issued in Srinagar said, 'Terrorists in uniform have no respect for holy month of Ramadan, women and children as they only know how to kill, maim, blind and humiliate whosoever comes their way,' reported.
The Iraqi war murderers whom the ``politically correct'' call insurgents not only maim, torture and kill our U.
MAIM spokesperson Dr Don McAuley said: "They just don't want people to know where the masts are.
Cluster bombs are being increasingly used in armed conflicts, as well anti-personnel mines which kill and maim long after the hostilities have ended.
So the person complaining about cats in gardens thinks it is quite justifiable for some low life to use an air rifle to blind or maim them out of sheer frustration.
We've opened up a maim of possibility that the professional pharmaceutical companies can now try to capitalize upon.