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a drop where mail can be deposited

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The leaflets urged people to confront Mr McFadden at his home and the maildrop coincided with him fronting an anti-racism rally.
com, registered to a London maildrop, was shut down by the courts owing up to pounds 7.
Extremo Sound and Vision use a maildrop address in Amsterdam run by a company called The Mini Office.
The city, along with others which fall below the average, are now being targeted by the maildrop with the support of well known celebrities.
Enquiries show this is just a maildrop which has been used in at least two previous rip-offs
We tackled MG, which works out of a Central London maildrop, and now Kathleen has her money back.
Its address is a maildrop, which takes in letters for anyone who pays a fee.
uk, with a maildrop address in Oxford St in London.
You won't find the company at the address it gives on the email - Kemp House, City Road, London - it's just a maildrop.
Singh, who used a maildrop in Colchester as a business address, had previously promised to stop fleecing people through another pyramid scheme, Omi Club.
The MailDrop service utilizes the Internet to access e-mail messages from those accounts, temporarily strip them of attachments, consolidate them and forward them to the subscriber's "smarttime.
Hindle, 35, lived in Preston, Lancs, but traded via a posh-sounding maildrop in Wokingham, Berks.
It is a maildrop provided by rental firm Regus which won't give Anna's address.
Their address in Southall, West London, is just a maildrop and the phone number may have a British code but calls go to an office in Holland where the staff refuse to tell you any more about the publisher.