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a boat for carrying mail

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Never shall I forget when the men in the mailboat struck up the tune of Rule Britannia," Webb later wrote in his diary, "which they sang, or rather shouted, in a hoarse roar.
An unknown owner is now selling his collection of two hundred of these Victorian mailboat covers - thought to be the only collection of its kind - and it is expected to fetch around pounds 200,000.
We pass it the next morning in a small mailboat, although the sun is not right to make the field of quartzite glow red.
Ecast and Buffett's label Mailboat Records advance released "Live in Mansfield, MA" and "Live In Cincinnati, OH" on the Ecast Location-Based Broadband Network a week before the albums were available in stores.
Green post boxes and the ticket for the mailboat to Holyhead printed in Irish was hardly compensation to the country's young people forced into exile by a homeland which couldn't provide for them.
Epic adventures of a little mailboat from the Tees.
In the States, the album is distributed by Mailboat Records, which is funded by the singer Jimmy Buffett, who's a huge icon back home.
They point to a range of attractions in the area and want to develop the now-redundant one-time Carlisle mailboat pier into a major leisure, and entertainment complex.
9) On the way up to Bangkok, Satow's local mailboat ran into representatives of an earlier generation of Vietnamese boat people, refugees from their own country.
Slow boat: Visitors to Nassau can get to Cat Island by mailboat, a 14-hour trip that costs $35.
The scrapping of this last UK-South Africa mailboat started last month in Alang, India
moving from Cammell Laird prior to sea trials in June, 1960, is RMS Windsor Castle, the biggest ocean liner built in England and last South African mailboat.
It was a strange experience because it was the old mailboat then and every single person on the boat was returning because of the bombings.
A DECISION has at last been taken on the replacement for the mailboat pier at the port of Dun Laoghaire.