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a slot (usually in a door) through which mail can be delivered

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I've seen one house with a sign that warns visitors of a dog that bites behind the door, but then the mail slot was on the very bottom of the door, without a cage
On one of the gallery walls, he has carved a rectangular structure with a hinge on top that could be described as a window awning or a mail slot.
Gasoline was squirted through the mail slot of the family's home at the base of the stairs.
CNAD's free, downloadable 32-page booklet "Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture" offers loads of useful information on how to limit kids' exposure to commercial influences that come via the television, computer or mail slot, and replacing those lost hours with new opportunities for more beneficial activities.
casinos that cater to a locals' market, direct mail slot offers will increase slot volume and win.
I doubt that there will be checks in the mail slot anytime soon," admits Steve Hulett, business rep for IATSE Local 839, better known as the Animation Guild.
Jingle deposits are when a member puts their auto loan payment book and the keys to the car they have parked in the credit union parking lot through the credit union mail slot because they can no longer make the payments.
Through tears Babines scribbled out a seven-page plea, stuffed it into the mail slot, and drove back to Mars demoralized, unaware that an ACLU lawyer would call that very afternoon or that she would soon have to warn her unsuspecting day job boss that one of his analysts was about to be outed on the A.
In our tiny group of 12, three of us knew people who had been victimized by vandals turning on an outside faucet and sticking the attached garden hose through the front door mail slot or basement window or into the window well, causing costly water damage to the homes.
The Mail Chime, by Hanna Products, can be used on any curbside mailbox mail slot or wall mounted mailbox.
DEWEY: THE SMALL-TOWN LIBRARY CAT WHO TOUCHED THE WORLD receives a spirited narration by Suzanne Toren, who has much on- and off-Broadway experience, as it tells of an Iowa library cat who is stuffed into a library mail slot, adopted by a librarian who has faced her share of loss, and then for 19 years proceeded to earn a reputation for his enthusiasm, affection, and 6th sense about those who needed him.
After getting no answer, Barnes placed his test instrument in the apartment's mail slot and registered a dangerous reading.
By the time their Social Security checks tunable through the mail slot, they're saving real money.
I had to note for Walter that the website still contains several testimonials referring to the feel of the paper and the newsletter dropping through the mail slot.
Some shopping malls in the US ban Santas from touching children at all - tots used to hand Santa their wish lists but now have to be content to post them through a mail slot.