mail pouch

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pouch used in the shipment of mail


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While driving to northwest Indiana, he spotted a Mail Pouch barn, was intrigued, pulled over and shot a photo.
But a few years later, the public-television program "Across Indiana" featured him and he began to get phone calls informing him of more Mail Pouch barns.
An Anderson license branch has paneled the walls with an old Mail Pouch barn.
Though tobacco chewing is now a social no-no and cancer risk, the Mail Pouch barns recall an era that seems a lot more innocent.
The Apollo 15 Mail Pouch, inkpad and the postmarked envelope -- as evidenced by fingerprints of lunar dust when postmarked on the Moon's surface.
This mail pouch and stamp pad went to the Moon and back on the Apollo 15 mission; the cancellation device is a duplicate.
Two other unique displays feature the mail pouch that carried philatelic items to the moon and preliminary designs for stamps that were never produced.
Two other unique displays are the mail pouch that carried philatelic items to the moon and preliminary stamp designs that were submitted, but never produced.
markets products under brand names including SWISHER SWEETS, KING EDWARD, BERING, SILVER CREEK and MAIL POUCH.
manufactures and markets cigars such as Swisher Sweets, King Edward, Optimo, Bering and others including Swisher Sweets and King Edward Little Cigars, and a variety of smokeless tobacco products including Silver Creek and Redwood moist snuff, Navy and Railroad Mills dry snuff and Chattanooga Chew, Lancaster and Mail Pouch chewing tobaccos.