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This three per cent increase from 2003 can be attributed to the positive impact on sales and customer relationships businesses have experienced from previous Christmas card mail outs.
Table 2 provides a summary of the mail outs, responses, and an indication of the response rates received.
Despite the efforts of the manufacturers, including advertising mail outs with Bord Gais bills and direct liaison with retailers and consumers to locate these cookers to have the adjustments needed to make them safe, only 2,200 have been located to date.
And we will work with the Small Business Council to identify new ways to simplify and reduce the demands placed on small businesses from government forms, mail outs and requests for business information.
Further details will be included in forthcoming issues of Sabretache and mail outs to Branches.
The group said private concerns should be allowed to deliver both mass mail outs of promotional material and express mail, which is usually delivered the same day.
Also, postage is stated to be 50% less than that for bulk mail outs of regular discs.
In parallel, there are a number of specialised tasks related to dissemination for which additional competences are required, for example advising on groups to include in specific mail outs; quality-assuring, including updating of existing mailing lists and databases, assistance with specialised, personalised mail outs, etc.
However, it recommended barring private firms from delivering mass mail outs of promotional material, saying it is hard to lay down criteria for how to distinguish promotional mail from other types of mail.
It also involves mail outs to set legal timeframes.
With mail volumes exceeding 28 million pieces per year, Virid required a solution to better segment its existing customers' databases to produce more targeted mail outs.
MMI is actively launching its North American marketing campaign through trade shows, medical distributors, test studies and mail outs.