mail fraud

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use of the mails to defraud someone

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The mail fraud charges are related to his insurance claims on the house and its contents.
utilized private carriers, by amending the federal mail fraud statute to
1996) (affirming mail fraud convictions for use of mail to obtain blank
The other five counts of wire mail fraud involve an earlier scheme, from 2011, by which Bolt allegedly received more than $150,000 by similarly laying claim to unclaimed property listed by the California State Controller's Office.
Geraldine Szott Moohr, Mail Fraud and the Intangible Rights Doctrine:
MAGGIO pleaded guilty on April 19, 2006, to Conspiracy, 4 counts of Wire Fraud, 3 counts of Mail Fraud and 3 counts of Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property.
Segal pleaded guilty Tuesday to mail fraud, conspiring to process ineligible cans and bottles and falsifying paperwork.
According to a release issued by the United States Attorney, District of Maryland, the 39-count indictment charges the former BE 100s CEO with mail fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud and conspiracy.
On August 21, a federal grand jury in Beaumont indicted Quattlebaum, the company, its officers, and a Quadro distributor in Texas on four counts of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.
E[acute accent]This definitive guidebook deals extensively with: unresolved splits regarding the four-year statute of limitations; due process; the evolving definitions of "pattern" and "enterprise"; determination of predicate acts including mail fraud, wire fraud and securities fraud; potential applications of RICO in all instances of commercial fraud; causation, injury, and scope of damages; pre-trial seizure of assets and forfeiture of assets; criminal "mega-trials"; parallel proceedings and collateral consequences; and government civil RICO.
28 of using fire to commit mail fraud and three counts of mail fraud in connection with the arson of his west Little Rock mansion in May 2008.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- Two men from Gloucester and Newton pleaded guilty today in federal court to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, health care fraud, and money laundering.
generally can be applied to instances of mail fraud.
All three were charged with five counts of mail fraud and two counts of wire fraud.
The former president and chief investment officer of Albriond Capital Management was convicted of investment advisory fraud and mail fraud in the "cherry picking" scheme in June and pleaded guilty in October to conspiracy, investment-advisory fraud, and making false tax returns.