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a clerk in a post office


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Educated in Thorold Township Elementary Schools, followed by Pelham District High School, joined the Bank of Commerce for a short period and subsequently was employed at Atlas Steels, beginning as a Mail Clerk, and retiring forty-three years later as Manager of Traffic and Customs.
Robert Harding, hired as a part-time mail clerk January 1, 1976, was also teaching a TV production class at Leon County's public library.
Being rude to the mail clerk could well mean that your next priority package gets "forgotten" for two or three days.
O'Hanlon, 67, began his career at REBNY as a mail clerk in 1954.
Perkins joined BSA in November 1999 as a mail clerk and was promoted to the position of claim assistant in October 2000.
In a company where a mail clerk can set up his own independent Web site, there are too many ways for employees to get the work done without involving the executives.
Claims letters would go from a mail clerk to a correspondence clerk to a development clerk and finally to a claims examiner before any real work was even started on it.
Remember, your package will most likely pass by a secretary or mail clerk - who may or may not read English - before reaching the decision maker.
Had the components' organization described at the beginning of this article believed in making information generally accessible, perhaps the mail clerk would have checked on the status of the customer before consigning the replacement part to slow surface mail.
With companywide training, even if the mail clerk or secretary doesn't detect trouble, the recipient will know what warning signs to look for.
Robert Muster, an employee with a developmental disability, is a mail clerk at an agency which participates in JWOD by performing administrative services at a large military headquarters in Georgia.
He is currently the Mail Clerk for the Social Security Administration.
The contract is for the following positions: receptionist, mail clerk / at the Commissary
He worked for the United States Postal Service as a mail clerk for over twenty years and retired in 1999.