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a man who delivers the mail

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Mail carriers will likely park on a side street to deliver the mail on foot.
An avid reader of mysteries since childhood, I thought it would be fun to write a series with a mail carrier as the protagonist.
Durah would not comment about her role in "Baby Doll Night," only stating that she will play the role of a mail carrier in danger.
SANTA CLARITA - After nearly 20 years on the job as a mail carrier, Deborah Miller shows about as much career burnout as a kindergartner on the first day of school.
Free distribution by mail carrier or other means: 157.
A face-to-face questionnaire survey was performed in advance in September 2001 to obtain data from each mail carrier, including age; height; weight; smoking status; disease history of doctor-diagnosed asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia; and incense burning and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposures at home.
Bailey found the local mail carrier and told him about the fire.
The trip culminated with a walk outside to look at the inside of a mail truck, and we had a conversation with a mail carrier getting ready to go on his route.
What's more, envy is so compartmentalized that one profession seldom envies another: The lawyer does not envy the physician, the used-car salesman the mail carrier, the grease monkey the florist.
After a string of failed romances and the death of his father, Nathan Carter moves from Boston to rural Eden, Vermont where he takes a job as a mail carrier.
The young children doing the voice-overs explain why they want to be people such as a marine biologist or a mail carrier.
When her mail carrier was ill, his replacement, who was still learning the route, often put mail delivered to Jackson's Staten Island, New York, address in her neighbor's mailbox.
For a few days every April, July and October, the mail carriers conduct the Rural Mail Carrier Survey for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, looking for first-class quail, grouse, wild turkeys, cottontail rabbits, jackrabbits and deer.
The wealthy residents of the Point each paid the mail carrier 25 cents to deliver the mail because the regular carrier did not deliver that far from town.
After nearly 20 years as a rural mail carrier in southeastern Nebraska, Short has a lot of stories to tell.