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a boat for carrying mail

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In spite of requests for escorts for the mail boats at the time, the British Admiralty claimed the escorts would slow them down and make them more of a target.
The mail boat wallowed through an eight-metre swell, with many passengers showing symptoms of, if not a disease, then certainly severe sickness -- lots of people went a funny shade of green and even pet dogs were losing their breakfasts.
During World War II,as some may remember there was, very nearly a repeat of the event, when my father,in command of the mail boat Cambria spotted a lone German plane in the distance and guessing that an attack on his ship was imminent,ordered to be manned and full speed ahead.
Things began badly when he arrived on the mail boat full of rather more than Christmas spirit.
THERE would have been mixed emotions on the quayside as the mail boat Leinster slipped its moorings on the grey morning of October 10,1918 and headed out across the Irish Sea from Dun Laoghaire for Holyhead.
Two days from the UK to the Italian port of Brindisi by train and then by mail boat to Sydney.
There's the derelict last African mail boat RMS Windsor Castle (subject of a preservation appeal) and a replica of the Resurgam submarine at Woodside,and then a couple of warships.
It was SamuelCunard who launc hed the first transatlantic mail boat service from Liverpool to North Americain 1840.
The 44-year-old will travel by mail boat for five days from Cape Town, in South Africa, in order to reach the island, which once held Napoleon in exile.
Gordon was in the middle of bowling his 93rd over when the teams finally decided to call it a day as the England team had to dash to catch the mail boat home.
My father Max was a civil engineer out to see the world from small-town Scotland when his eye came across Emma, the half-Chinese woman who had purchased a one-way ticket on a mail boat to see if Africa really was more exotic than Wimbledon.
And if his letter catches the mail boat from Liverpool tomorrow morning.
For a small fee, the mail boat or a water taxi will ferry your dunnage to the next way station; all you need for the day is water, snacks and rain gear.