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a boat for carrying mail

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Work has already been done to remove debris, delinquent vessels, and unwanted material and equipment discarded by mail boat operators and others over the years.
Saint Helena also has a personal connection for Darren, as his grandad, Bill Fowler, was born on the island before he landed a job on a mail boat that sailed to England.
For a small fee, the mail boat or a water taxi will ferry your dunnage to the next way station; all you need for the day is water, snacks and rain gear.
You can spot gannets plunging into the ocean and dolphins surfing in the tide when you take the mail boat from the harbour at Sandspit across to Kawau island.
THE tragic sinking of a mail boat, torpedoed as it headed to North Wales with the loss of 527 lives, is being marked by a commemorative postage stamp.
to describe the Mail Boat Hydro-Jet Trips that venture up and down the lower Rogue River between May 1 and Oct.
With heavy heart I packed my bag with my worldly goods, caught the bus to Dublin, then took the mail boat to Holyhead.
Dun Laoghaire and Holyhead in Wales will come together to commemorate the controversial sinking of the mail boat Leinster by a German U-boat within weeks of the end of the First World War.
There have been successful attempts to graft speed on to this family, and that was no doubt the intention when Formidable was chosen as the mate for Boathouse in 1992, but the outcome, Mail Boat, did not run, so there was no discernible effect.
Each day around noon, after the mail boat has arrived, I can pick up my paper at the village post office and see whether one of my editorials has made the page.
The arrival of a rowing boat from the Calais mail boat, the Maid of Kent , provided a crucial stroke of luck.
The arrival of the mail boat is one of the highlights of every trip up and down the lakes, said Gary D.
Even in today's aluminum-hulled jet boats, says the mail boat company's current president, Ed Kammer, steering a boat up the Rogue is "a skill and an art.
When he arrived in July 1892, he wrote his mother saying that nobody went there because only one mail boat docked every 27 days.