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Synonyms for maidenly

Synonyms for maidenly

befitting or characteristic of a maiden


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He was warning the Prince about the price to be paid for depriving Diana of her maidenly innocence.
I bet you have fluttered a few maidenly hearts down the years, squeezing air with those concertina hands of yours while whispering sweet nothings.
What happens when our own brave boys return from the North West Frontier and there are not enough maidenly matrons?
IT was the moment music lovers had been waiting for, Edward Elgar, the composer whose flamboyant moustache and brooding manner had fluttered many maidenly hearts, was about to allow the public to hear his new marches for the first time.
At other times, she considers the impropriety of being alone with a strange man, even to treat his injuries, and what her father might say, so she has not otherwise abandoned expectations of typical maidenly behavior.
If Cameron continues his maidenly coyness at preelection debates, then this gag could be wheeled out again, Cameron's likeness be propped upon his vacant dais - a large steamed steakandkidney pudding oozing gravy over its blueandwhite gingham boilingcloth collar would t the bill.
Repin sidestepped his critics by having Sadko evidently prefer the homely young Russian girl standing behind the maidenly parade than her more glamorous rivals.
Returning to the maidenly virtue of bringing water to the sick, Hemans's speakers suggest an impulse to purge their desire, in effect condemning the De Quinceyan aesthetic of surplus value.
The birches with their white maidenly stems and honey-yellow leaves shone against the dark conifers.
Renata sets aside an opportunity to refine her maidenly appearance for a moment of intimacy in the Colonel's private quarters.
My fifteen-year-old son, Isaiah, big, strong and tall for his age, was one of the pallbearers, and my brother's three daughters, ages twelve through nineteen, cried and keened and sobbed for Granny, a good and appropriate response, her death inspiring maidenly tears.
Cora begins The Chaperone with quaint, even smug thoughts about racial integration, wifely submissiveness and maidenly virtue.
THE mud in the gardens was almost warm on that glad-handing morning before Christmas when the ground should have been frosted and hard, waiting with maidenly patience for the sky to fill with snow.
And while their postures are self-confident or maidenly shy, stubborn or devoted, the spectator also believes to perceive a kind of relationship to the artist herself that goes beyond her creatorship.
In its devotion to Dionysus, Coresus' religion is counterintuitive to the maidenly restraint required by the virginal Artemis.