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Synonyms for maidenly

Synonyms for maidenly

befitting or characteristic of a maiden


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I'll try, but it was a very ungentlemanly thing to do, I didn't think you could be so sly and malicious, Laurie," replied Meg, trying to hid her maidenly confusion under a gravely reproachful air.
It was betrayed in the unconscious smile with which he regarded Phoebe, whose fresh and maidenly figure was both sunshine and flowers,--their essence, in a prettier and more agreeable mode of manifestation.
I have heard it said too that the arrows of Love are blunted and robbed of their points by maidenly modesty and reserve; but with this Altisidora it seems they are sharpened rather than blunted.
Her pity could not be of the common sort, when the man who drew it was so much man as to shock her with maidenly fears and set her mind and pulse thrilling with strange thoughts and feelings.
it is a passing strange thing to me to think that it was but in the last fall of the leaf that we walked from Lyndhurst together, he so gentle and maidenly, and you, John, like a great red-limbed overgrown moon-calf; and now here you are as sprack a squire and as lusty an archer as ever passed down the highway from Bordeaux, while I am still the same old Samkin Aylward, with never a change, save that I have a few more sins on my soul and a few less crowns in my pouch.
Our dear mother," faltered the fair Alice, "was living when these long tasks began, and bade us, when she should be no more, ply them in all discretion and cheerfulness, in our leisure hours; she said that if in harmless mirth and maidenly pursuits we passed those hours together, they would prove the happiest and most peaceful of our lives, and that if, in later times, we went forth into the world, and mingled with its cares and trials--if, allured by its temptations and dazzled by its glitter, we ever forgot that love and duty which should bind, in holy ties, the children of one loved parent--a glance at the old work of our common girlhood would awaken good thoughts of bygone days, and soften our hearts to affection and love.
Eyes and voice and gestures were freighted with mysterious messages of love in hours of ecstasy like these, and this was the only language permitted me by the quiet maidenly reserve of the young girl before me.
We should allow some margin for little maidenly delicacies in a young motherless creature, under such circumstances, I suppose; it is not in my line; what do you think?
As a "gentle-natured, devoted woman," Augusta's voluntary tattoo becomes the evidence of her maidenly virtue.
Leucippe's new-found maidenly restraint is expressed in direct speech (it transpires that Artemis has instructed her to remain virginal until her marriage): Leucippe rarely speaks directly in Clitophon's narrative.
The weather changes drastically, and color disappears-first anticipating and then enacting the dissolution of an innocent maidenly world in the wake of the demand by the king's young son: "Out of ten maidens ye'll grant me one" (1.
At other times, she considers the impropriety of being alone with a strange man, even to treat his injuries, and what her father might say, so she has not otherwise abandoned expectations of typical maidenly behavior.
If Cameron continues his maidenly coyness at preelection debates, then this gag could be wheeled out again, Cameron's likeness be propped upon his vacant dais - a large steamed steakandkidney pudding oozing gravy over its blueandwhite gingham boilingcloth collar would t the bill.
The colours should have had a fresh maidenly charm; but all he could think of were stretched innards, umbles and tripes, grey-pink intestines looped out of a living body; he had a second batch of recalcitrant friars to be dispatched to Tyburn, to be slit up and gralloched by the hangman .