maidenhair spleenwort

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small rock-inhabiting fern of northern temperate zone and Hawaii with pinnate fronds

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Talk of wild onions, meadow foxtail, scarlet pimpernel, wood anemone and maidenhair spleenwort may not sway the suits who will ultimately decide the site's fate.
Names of plants and ferns flow off his tongue with ease: Columbine, bloodroot, Dutchman's breeches, hepatica, rue anemone, nodding trillium, maidenhair spleenwort and rattlesnake fern.
Ferns are ideal and the graceful little asplenium ferns like wall rue (A ruta-muraria), the lovely maidenhair spleenwort (A trichomanes) and the hart's tongue fern (A scolopendrium) are perfect.
Monmouthshire - maidenhair spleenwort, spreading bellflower, upright spurge, mistletoe;
Lady slippers and the maidenhair spleenwort, a fern that lives in pockets of limestone, are some of the plants that thrive here as well as (let the hiker beware) poison ivy.
GARY McLARDY found hartstongue fern, broad buckler, wall rues and maidenhair spleenworts on a wall off Lord Street West, Southport.