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a woman's surname before marriage

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Westmacott, "will you allow that I know him when I tell you that my maiden name was Ada Pearson, and that Jeremiah is my only brother?
I could only put the first explanation to the test by looking at the register of her marriage, and so ascertaining her maiden name and her parentage as a preliminary to further inquiries.
Also of his truly beloved and truly loving wife, AMY, whose maiden name was DORRIT, Who survived his loss not quite forty-eight hours, And who breathed her last in the Marshalsea aforesaid.
His wife, on the contrary, whose maiden name had been Madeleine Radelle, was pale, meagre, and sickly-looking.
Colonel Barclay had married at the time when he was a sergeant, and his wife, whose maiden name was Miss Nancy Devoy, was the daughter of a former color-sergeant in the same corps.
to introduce one's wife's maiden name into general conversation.
Usually, after asking for a maiden name, Janet - who has run the Janet Dickinson School of Dance for 50 years - remembers the face.
Here, Goodwin is his mother's maiden name, and the birth was in Cheltenham.
Q My son set up my email address for me a few years ago, and I have been getting along quite well with it, until I recently had some bother with passwords, and am trying to set a new one - I am trying to reset it but keep coming to a security question asking for my mother's maiden name - I keep inputting the correct surname, but it will not accept it - what do I do now?
I AM looking for relations of Mary Ann Vincent, maiden name Moody.
Apparently she hates her maiden name Tweedy and cannot bear returning to it.
She used her maiden name on the posting and finished her tweet to her husband with a crying emoji alongside several black-and-white pictures of their happy day.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Constitutional Court has ruled that a lower court ruling that had rejected an applicant's request to be able to use her maiden name without affixing her husband's surname to it is a violation of individuality, the principle that characteristics that set a person apart from others should be respected and recognized by the law.
Another of such social media shares which make a strict no-no is one's mother's maiden name, which is a security question asked by a bank and users who have their family added in their social media account should keep their privacy settings high in order to avoid any hacking, metro.
After being warned by my bank (whose spelling and grammar is not so good) that I might lose access to my account, I gave them my account details, mother's maiden name and my PIN without rising from my seat.