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the first flight of its kind

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Yonaguni's residents often travel to Taiwan and will benefit from direct charter flights, said Yonaguni resident Rie Hayakawa, one of the passengers on the maiden flight.
Following the maiden flight Captain Gunzel said: "The A319 behaved perfectly and confirmed the high standard of Airbus Industrie technology.
Consul General Luo addressed the guests at the maiden flight ceremony, congratulating Hainan Airlines on its opening of the non-stop international route between Beijing and San Jose.
s business and government communities congratulated Hainan Airlines on the maiden flight of the Beijing-San Jose route and offered best wishes for the success of the first flights of its Shanghai-Boston and Shanghai-Seattle routes which are set to open on June 20 and 22 respectively.
Vice-Consul Kristine Bautista has confirmed that Philippine Ambassador Crescente Relacion will join dozens of OFWs who booked for the maiden flight.
THOUSANDS of Airbus workers from the region celebrated the maiden flight of the company's newest aircraft.
THE new Airbus A350 completed its maiden flight using wings made in North Wales.
Summary: Flydubai, Dubai's innovative low-cost airline, has made its maiden flight to Juba, capital of South Sudan.
The flights' operation between the two destinations was commenced from December 25 with the maiden flight was operated from Quetta to Qandhar.
1969: Concorde flies for the first time The supersonic airliner, Concorde, has made a "faultless" maiden flight.
1935: The RAF's first monoplane fighter, the Hawker Hurricane, made its maiden flight.
Over the next several months, Orbital plans a hot-fire test of the Antares first stage, the maiden flight of an Antares rocket, and a cargo delivery demonstration mission to the International Space Station as part of NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services.
Bangalore, Apr 27 ( ANI ): The maiden flight of the Naval variant of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) was carried out successfully at the HAL Airport here on Friday.
4, CAL chairman Chang Chia-juch will fly to Dalian to host the maiden flight ceremony for the Taoyuan-Dalian route.
Speaking at a ceremony to mark the maiden flight, Nasair Marketing Director Turki al-Jawini said the airlines would fly four times a week between Istanbul and Jeddah, adding three more direct flights would follow between Jeddah and the southern Turkish province of Adana.