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Synonyms for Mahonia

evergreen shrubs and small trees of North and Central America and Asia

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The leatherleaf mahonia is about a month from flowering, as is the Japanese apricot, but a hybrid mahonia at Green Spring, remarkable for its size (15 feet by 8 feet) and named Winter Sun, is on the edge of full bloom.
Though they are not related, mahonias and hollies have superficial similarities in terms of their shiny, often prickly foliage.
Mahonias like moist, well drained soil in sun or shade.
Viburnums ;Witch hazel; Wintersweet; Daphne; Mahonias; Winter box
For a show of flowers and leaves, Mahonia is a genus of evergreen shrub introduced from North America and China.
Others plants to consider are the evergreen mahonias, many of which also have scented yellow flowers in winter, Prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis', various dogwoods (Cornus alba), and ornamental grasses.
It should also be remembered that in a city, the soil will almost certainly be neutral to alkaline, so any plants chosen should be able to grow in such conditions Such plants include choisya and mahonia. Mahonias come in a variety of different sizes and shapes: for a tall imposing shrub go for mahonia 'Lionel Fortescue', well worth growing for the name itself and for a smaller, more delicate plant try mahonia aquifolium.
MY admiration for mahonias increased when I moved house nearly 30 years ago and found one of these winter-flowering shrubs growing inside the front gate.
An abundance of scented heathers, conifers, viburnums, mahonias and yellow-berried hollies adorn the borders of the Winter Garden, the main focus of which are two sunken croquet lawns.
IN the depths of winter, the evergreen mahonias really come into their own.
For small gardens, I would not recommend that you consider planting mahonias as they can reach up to 3 metres (10ft) high and 2 metres (6ft) wide in a few short years.
CREATIVE IDEA: Hellebores are one of the most rewarding companions for early-flowering deciduous shrubs such as witch hazel, camellias and mahonias.