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Batterbury; his mahogany face actually getting white with alarm.
Here he stopped; and a miserly leer puckered up his mahogany cheeks.
The word mahogany can be understood, in Danish, as having two meanings.
At the same moment Mahogany Dobbs, who was looking through a telescope, called out, 'Who the devil can he be?
Hammerdown is sitting on the great mahogany dining-tables, in the dining-room below, waving the ivory hammer, and employing all the artifices of eloquence, enthusiasm, entreaty, reason, despair; shouting to his people; satirizing Mr.
A long, pale, military-looking gentleman, seated demurely at the mahogany table, could not help grinning as this valuable lot was shown by Mr.
In fact, there was a certain curious Puritanism about her, a Puritanism which found a startlingly incongruous and almost laughable expression in the Scripture almanac which hung on the wall at the end of her bed, and the Bible, and two or three Sunday-school stories which, with a copy of "Jane Eyre," were the only books that lay upon the circular mahogany table.
The drawing-room at the Hotel de la Fleur was a small room, with a cottage piano, and a suite of mahogany furniture, covered in stamped velvet, neatly arranged around the walls.
The dining-room, large and well-proportioned, had windows on two sides of it, with heavy curtains of red rep; there was a big table in the middle; and at one end an imposing mahogany sideboard with a looking-glass in it.
The part of the room behind the columns, with a high silk-curtained mahogany bedstead on one side and on the other an immense case containing icons, was brightly illuminated with red light like a Russian church during evening service.
Aside from medals, winners in the Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Association (Evraa) meet being held here, will receive mahogany seedlings so these can be planted at their school compounds or communities.
s Mahogany brand has introduced the Jill Scott Collection, a new offering of greeting cards featuring design, editorial and sound inspired by and created with Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Jill Scott.
2] laser-incised teak (Tectona grandis) and mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni) lumber.
The Mahogany Industry Council has announced several major resolutions to restructure and reform Fijis mahogany industry to better preserve Fijis mahogany resources and maximise industry efficiency.
Open-plan and wood-floored living spaces, situated on the middle level to maximize views, include a living room defined by a soaring ceiling and a towering wall of mahogany bookshelves with integrated desk area.